Specialty Cheeses

Specialty Cheeses

Specialty Cheeses sourced from all over New Zealand, including an extensive selection of sheep, goat and buffalo milk cheeses, blue cheeses, soft and fresh cheeses.  Edam,  In house Pohutukawa Smoked Cheddar.

Chilli Cheese from the Mercer Cremery in the Tuakau Region – Creamy texture  with a chilli ‘hit’ a surprize and well enjoyed by all. Fun!  $6.00 /100g


Vintage Gouda $6.50 /100g –

Very Old Edam $6.50 /100g

Chilli Gouda $6.00 /100g

Walnut Cream $6.80 /100g

Maasdam  $6.80 /100g

Goat Gouda $9.50 /100g

Sheep Pecorino $ 9.55 /100g

Cumin Gouda  $5.20 /100g

Garlic & Chives Gouda $6.20 /100g

Nettle Gouda $5.50 /100g

Extra Cream Gouda $6.80 /100g

Parmesan  $6.85 /100g

Smoked Cheddar $4.85 /100g

Cheddar Cheddar $2.80 /100g

Camembert $6.20 /100g

Farmhouse Brie $6.00 /100g

Smoked Brie $6.00 /100g

Blue Vein Brie $6.00 /100g

Northland Blue $7.30 /100g

Feta Cow White $3.00 /100g